Fresh Cooking


SABA is a business that we formed based on the motivation to help  mothers prepare delicious and healthy family meals.


Every time we return to our hometown to Ranah Minang, our parents always provide us with ready to use food seasoning. We store these in cold storage and we can use them when needed.

We find this very helpful, We can cook faster and more confidently. Faster because there is no need for grinding, peeling and blending activities. More confident because the food is delicious  because the seasoning have been blended based on Bundo's heritage recipe.

Inspired by this, we want to share this convenience with all mothers . We want to share seasoning that are healthy, can last a long time without preservatives, and are also delicious even without additional flavouring. So that mothers have more time to allocate their time  for other important activities such as playing with children and family.

  • Mar 2016 : Product Development

  • Mar 2017 : Passed Health Permit

  • Sep 2017 : Passed MUI Halal certification

  • Dec 2017 : Start Distribution of Modern Trade