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PT. Sabana Barokah (SABA) is a manufacturer of ready-to-eat spices and side dishes. The company was founded with the aim of helping mothers serve food quickly and precisely with a great taste.


SABA products are marketed under the SABA & LADO brand umbrella. The goal of SABA products is to speed up kitchen work so mothers have more time for other main activities.


The premium taste of SABA products is obtained from a combination of quality ingredients and spice blends from Ranah Minang, where the SABA production team  received training from experts,


To ensure that SABA products are safe and healthy for consumption, SABA only uses quality ingredients. SABA also packs products using quality packaging to ensure  freshness is maintained and protect  contamination from the outside.




SABA produces ready-to-use food seasoning in the form of paste, preservative free. Consists of 14 variants, made from special blends, Bundo Heritage Recipes - Minang West Sumatera



SABA produces ready to use homemade chili sauce, under the LADO brand. The special chili sauce has Minang taste. Consists of 4 variants: Sambal Balado, Sambal Terasi, Sambal Lado Mudo, and Sambal Pecel




Frozen food SABA is a ready-to-eat side dish that can be served at any time to meet the nutritional needs of the family. Just fry or heat it, so it's reduce time  in the preparation process. Give mom more time for other useful activities




SABA produces crispy fried shallots. Consists of packs of 20 grams and 70 grams. Fried onions are made from selected onion ingredients, carefully packaged to maintain taste and quality

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